Saturday, July 16, 2016

Yoga at ANY size

As a plus sized woman or BBW  (big beautiful woman) I have found myself scared to approach yoga. I bought books and would watch these thinner women online doing poses and didn't think I could possibly do that. I found this awesome video on Amazon called "Heavy Weight Yoga: Yoga for the body you have today" This video really is amazing, she explains how to do a pose, shows you how to do it, then she explains ways to make the pose work for you according to your ability. She even shows how to do the moves from a seat if you are unable to get onto the floor. It just feels welcoming and peaceful. I would suggest if you are a BBW or a SSBBW or someone with mobility issues that you check out this video.

click the picture to check it out!

One item that I have found very helpful as a plus sized woman doing yoga is this 8 foot, extended stretch Yoga Strap. When I cannot hold the correct place on my body or when I cannot hold a pose for very long, the yoga strap is a tremendous help. This strap is extra long, which is awesome for larger bodies. I am using the Limm Yoga Strap pictured below (which I happened to get at a discount in exchange for my honest review on Amazon)

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I am just feeling so much better and so much more flexible since starting Yoga. I have found that I feel less pain on the days I have a nice gentle yoga session and end with meditation. I am just learning but I love it already!

Here are a few Youtube channels for plus sized Yoga that are worth checking out!

Curvesome Yoga

Body Positive Yoga

Rainbeau Curves

I found this video INSPIRATIONAL!!!