Wednesday, October 5, 2016

No More Amazon Reviewers?

On Oct. 3, 20016 Amazon announced that companies that sell on Amazon will no longer be able to offer discounted of free products in exchange for reviews. The review sites are quickly changing their policies to meet Amazon's guidelines. Some of these review sites have shut down and some will still offer free and discounted products but will no longer require shoppers to review these products.

I can't imagine companies will continue to offer products without anything in return. I think either they will give less discounts, the discounts will be lower or they will stop offering discounts all together. I received an e-mail from one review site that suggested shoppers still leave reviews on their discounted products but not leave the disclosure that the FTC requires people to include whenever they are doing a review on something in exchange for a discount. That is a very bad idea, that company and anyone who engages in activity like that is at risk of being sued.

As for me, my reviewing days on Amazon are over. Of course I will shop at Amazon, often and will review my purchases but I am not longer going to review discounted or free items. It's just not worth the risk or losing my Amazon account or being sued.

Amazon sent me an e-mail today letting me know that some of my past reviews will be deleted, which is fine with me. It was fun while it lasted but, I completely understand why it had to end. I wrote previously about an item that was complete crap that had received a bunch or 5-star reviews. I know there were many people out there giving fake reviews and it didn't sit well with me. I would hate to think someone spent their hard earned money on something that was defective, or worse, that might harm them because of a false review.

If you would like to read the Amazon Policy changes you can find them HERE

Read More about FTC endorsement guidelines HERE

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cheating & Shaming

In April of 2015 the following tweet was sent out from the Donald Trump official twitter page, "If Hillary Clinton can't satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?"
Donald later said that a staff member was responsible for the tweet but it was re-tweeted and favorited many times. No, this blog isn't going to be political, I'm not here to talk about either candidate but what I do want to discuss is the shaming that goes on when a woman is cheated on.

I have seen this play out in the media, on reality television, on Youtube and even in my group of friends. This idea that if a woman is cheated on she is in someway to blame. The woman is made to feel like she wasn't good enough, beautiful enough, sexual enough or in some way inept in pleasing a man. I have seen the claims come from both men and women.

I am going to focus right now on men cheating in committed relationships with women. I know that infidelity not only happens in heterosexual relationships, and that both women and men cheat. I also know that there are many different explanations for why cheating happens but today I am going to speak what I know. Insecure people cheat on their partners.

An insecure person needs constant validation that they are good enough. An insecure person has a hole inside of them that they try to fill with another person. The problem is that you can never love and insecure person enough to fill that hole. They feel rejected easily, are too easily offended and need to be the focus of attention at all times. Their partners soon grow tired of validating them, or maybe the insecure person has had their fill of their partners validation and needs more. This is where the issue begins to arise. The insecure man might be getting attention from a woman at work or in the community and they really enjoy that. For an insecure man this attention is like a drug, they always need more. They might find it online, through chat rooms or dating apps. Maybe they have a bunch of women who are available whenever they desire for attention, they revel in it. They love the attention and live to be in the spotlight. There is no way for a woman to ever be able to validate his insecurity away.... that is a journey he needs to take for himself. He will continue to look for outside validation until he can repair himself and work on his own mental health and well being. Their partner is in no way to blame for their poor choices.

For those women who are proud that they have the ability to "take her man." Congratulations you gave attention to a needy person and that in some way makes you feel relevant. The fact is that men tend to "cheat down." I am not talking about beauty, though we have all seen that play out as well. An insecure man may seek out an insecure woman or a needy woman because her desire for him makes him feel that much more special. He often isn't going to seek out a strong woman who feels complete in herself because, let's face it, that woman isn't going to give him the time of day.

Whether it be insecurity, sex addition or just plain stupidity, a person is responsible for their own choices. It's not a woman's job to keep her husband, it's his responsibility to keep his vows and his commitment and if he cannot it's his responsibility to convey that to his wife so she can make her own decision about what she wants to do. It's disgusting, sexist and archaic to think that a woman's job is to somehow cater to a man's every need, desire and whim, that she stoke his ego enough that he need not seek it elsewhere. It's bullsh*t. Maybe she couldn't satisfy her man? No! Maybe her man was an assjole who couldn't control his own desires!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Work from Home, How to find legit jobs

I know a lot of people are very leery when they hear about work from home jobs because, there are a lot of scams out there. There are also some legit work from home jobs that you can apply for, with regular pay and benefits. I often get asked questions about work at home opportunities so I thought I'd share a little of what I know.

These are my own opinions and suggestions and all jobs will have their own set of guidelines.

There are two different categories you will find most often when looking for a telecommuting job, an independent contractor or an employee.

Here is a video that will explain that much better than I could!

I am going to talk about job where you will be hired as an employee.


A quiet office space: It's important that you have a quiet area of your home set aside for working at home. Ideally this would be a private room with a locking door. Employers will not tolerate noise in the background from barking dogs, crying babies, children playing or other household noise. You may even want to hang a sign on the door asking people not to knock or ring the doorbell during working hours.

Childcare: I know it seems like a work from home job would be a great way to stay home with your children however, in most jobs this is not the case. If you are working on the phone for example, in customer service, you cannot step away from the phone to care for children. As I previously mentioned, you cannot have any noise in the background either. You will want to make arrangements for someone else to be watching your little ones while you are on the phone. Older children and teens will need to know not to bother you when you are working.

High Speed Internet: most jobs will require high speed internet. The lowest requirement I have seen is a 1mbps upload speed but many jobs require a 3mbps or 5mbps or faster. It may be necessary to upgrade your service or even to change companies all together to achieve this. For most jobs satellite internet will not be acceptable.

A Computer: Sometimes jobs will provide you with a computer once you start training but often you will still need a computer during the initial stages. The jobs where you are required to use your own computer generally want you to have a computer that is less that 4-6 years old. Some have pretty strict requirements as far as monitor size and speed so you may have to purchase a new computer. If funds are very tight you may be able to rent an acceptable computer until you have been working for a little bit and can afford to buy one. This is pricey in the long run but in a pinch it is an option to help you get into that job you desire.

Avoiding Scams:

Even is you are applying for a job as an employee, there are times when you have to pay for your own background check. Normally, this is not the case. A legit job will usually only require you to pay for a background check if you are almost certain to get the job. asking you for money while applying, or directly after submitting your resume is a sign that this may be a scam.
Here is an example: I applied for the staffing agency online. The job sounded great, they pay was great. I submitted my resume and application and within minutes I received and e-mail stating that I was being considered for a job and needed to pay $45 for a background check. There was no way in two minutes the company had time to review my resume. I left it on the back burner and started applying to other jobs. In the next few days I got several e-mails asking me to submit my payment so I decided to do some research. I Googled this company and could not find one person who had actually been hired by this company. I did find a lot of people who had paid the $45 however. I cannot say for certain that it was a scam but my scam alert definitely went off!

Do your research! Always do your research, especially before submitting any kind of payment. Search Google and YouTube. There are many websites dedicated to educating the public about scams. You can check the Better Business Bureau or Scambusters along with a whole bunch of other websites.

Use reputable resources: When looking for a work at home job it's a good idea to check legit work at home job boards such as RatRaceRebellion. I suggest starting in the "Call Center and Customer Service" section and if you are looking to be an employee of the company and not an independent contractor look for the letters "EM" in front of the job posting. Workers On Board also posts some good work at home jobs. Both sites have YouTube pages for additional assistance and explanation.

Most of all realize, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is! If anyone could make $3,000 a week sitting at home, I am sure most of us would be doing it! Unfortunately, there people out there wanting to prey on other people.

If you would like me to cover any other topics related to working at home please let me know!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The truth about Amazon review sites

I have been doing Amazon reviews for a few months now and though I really enjoy it I have had a particular issue occur that I thought I would share with you. I always read reviews before buying something online, I feel like people's actual experience with an item is much more important than the company's description because of course, the company is making money off the item and needs to make it seem as appealing as possible. The reviewer, on the other hand, is not receiving any compensation for their review and gains nothing by over-inflating their endorsement, right? Maybe not, I have found that this may not be true with all Amazon reviewers.

I have joined many different review sites and each one works a little differently. Some of them you purchase and item immediately for a discounted price and some of them you apply to review an item. Sometimes the items are given to you free of cost and others at a significant discount. There are a lot of free items out there! When I started reviewing I decided that I wanted to be 100% honest with my opinion to help shoppers not offer free promotions for companies. What I found is that some of the Amazon review sites and Facebook groups that feature items to review on Amazon do not want you to leave anything under 4 stars! One particular Facebook group that I joined (and have since left) wanted me to write to them and explain why I would rate the product under 4 stars and get approval from them before posting. You also cannot decide to just not do the review instead of giving a false endorsement or you will be kicked out of the group. Just to be clear, I am no longer a part of any group that has a stipulation that you must give a certain number of stars to continue to receive items from their site.

Another factor that can create not so honest reviews is time constraints. Different sites require a reviews to be written in different time frames. This particular Facebook group I mentioned it was no less than 7 and no more than 10 days. When you are reviewing certain products such as hair growth products or any kind of supplements, it is nearly impossible to know the effects within that short of time frame.

There are definitely companies out there who allow you to be completely honest. Some even stating on their page that "Critical reviews will not impact your eligibility for future deals!". All sites that I work with did encourage and insist that reviewers disclose that the item was received for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review. Some companies just don't adhere closely to the "honest" part.

I have seen several reviews and comments on Amazon from people who are not "reviewers" that were angry about the high ratings a product received which influenced them to buy the item and it turned out to be a pretty cheap item. I can understand their frustration! Reviews should be an honest reflection of the reviewers experience with a item. These dishonest review sites are giving honest reviewers a bad name and they make it difficult for the consumer to distinguish who is being real and who is not.

Here is an example of some reviews I believe were dishonest. I ordered a stop snoring chin strap device. This had to be the worst thing I ever ordered in my life. The first thing I noticed was the chemical stench when I opened the package, it gave me an almost instant headache. I thought to myself, "well you signed up for this review, you better do your best to review it." So I tried to put the device on my head, not only was it difficult to put on but one you get it on your head there is the rough side of Velcro is literally sticking into your scalp. I have hair, I can't imagine how uncomfortable that would be for someone who does not! When finally get it on my head, it goes around my chin and up my cheeks, I notice my skin starting to feel very uncomfortable, like it's burning!!! I snatch the thing on my face and fling it into the trash. It's more like a torture device than a sleep aid! I immediately log onto Amazon to see if this happened to anyone else,I clicked on the 1 star reviews and YES, there are people talking about the horrible smell and the Velcro and the discomfort. I am not the only one who had a horrible experience. Then I notice there are quite a few 5 star reviews and all of them are from reviewers stating that they received the item in exchange for an honest review. I am reading through reviews that state "Comfortable" "Great night sleep" "easy to use" and though I agree everyone is entitled to their opinion, I have to wonder if any of those people even really tried the thing. There were multiple issues, that multiple people recognized! It's hard for me to believe that the 5 star reviews were honest, especially since they were from all from "reviewers." I gave that junk 1 star, I would have given it less if it was possible. Personally, I can't be bought for some free tweezers or some toilet spray. I am not afraid to leave 1 star on a 1 star item.

I encourage you, if you decide to review, to choose companies wisely. I encourage you to be honest and choose companies who encourage honesty. They almost all state that you should leave an "honest review" but are they really sticking by that when they refuse to let you leave less than 4 stars?

Here are companies that I currently use and feel allow me to leave honest reviews and do not reward people for leaving dishonest reviews.


No Kidding Coupons

Product Pilots

Amz.0ne Reviews

AMZ review trader

Please note some links may be affiliate links

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Free Products and Ways to Earn Money Online!

Free Products and Ways to Earn Money Online!

There are tons of ways to get free products and even make money online. These are all services that I have personally used and recommend. 

Give them a try, let me know what you think! 

Please note: Your experience may vary, these are my personal experiences.

The links in the post below may be affiliate links

Amazon Reviews:

Did you know you can get free or heavily discounted merchandise on Amazon by agreeing to give an honest review after you receive it? 

You pick out items you would like to review and the websites give you a coupon code that you use directly on Amazon to purchase the products. You do not give any financial information to these sites. Shipping is free with Amazon Prime on MOST items. 

There are MANY websites that help you find products to review online, here are my favorites.

Elite Deal Club 

 I have received many free and very low priced items (under $2) from this company from many different categories beauty, health, home, electronics etc..

Giveaway Service 

On Giveaway service you request to review a product and the company will either approve or deny you, I have been approved for many different reviews. There are many free items and I have paid $1-$3 for some items. 

No Kidding Coupons 

You start with points on No Kidding Coupons, you use these points to order coupons for free and greatly reduced items on Amazon. When you review the product or complete other tasks (such as post on Youtube, Twitter or Instagram) you earn more points which gains you access to more products!

Snag Shout

Snagshout is another one of my favorites. You start with one or two "snags" or items to review and when you review them successfully they increase your limit of items you may order. There are always plenty of free items and pages of discounted ones!


Another good site for free and discounted items! 

Uberzon Club

You sign up for daily e-mails with Uberzon club and you received 3-4 e-mails a day with free and heavily discounted products. You must be quick to answer the e-mails because they tend to run out fast!  

Consumer Testing:

Some Companies will send you free products and even PAY YOU to try them and report back.

Loreal :

Loreal sent me 8 bottles of products to try and paid me to take part in the survey. I believe they pay between $50-$75. You have to be patient and be sure to fill out the pre-qualifying surveys they send. You won't get into all of the studies but you may get in some! 

The Pink Panel: 

I tested products for the pink panel. I was sent face care products and was paid with an Amazon gift card. I believe they pay anywhere from $25-$75. They send out e-mail and post on their Facebook page pre-qualifying surveys that you can fill out and try to get into a study. I have seen them test all kinds of beauty products and even flat irons. 


Opinion Outpost

I have done a ton of survey site and I have only consistently used Opinion Outpost. I usually choose to get an Amazon gift card and I save them up on my Amazon account and use them towards Christmas and Back to School Shopping. I have been using this one for years, it's the simplest one I have found and you can cash out at $5 for an Amazon gift card, which is only 50 points. I have made that much doing one survey before. On occasion I have been sent products to test and have been compensated with additional points, money or gift cards.

Other Product Testing Companies:


Fill out the pre-qualifying surveys on Bzzagent and you will be invited to participate in campaigns to test products, share with your friends and report back to Bzzagent. I have been using this company for years and have received many food items, magazines, health items and more. I have even seen some people receive toys and bigger items. 

**For any suggestions to add to the list or questions please e-mail me at!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Yoga at ANY size

As a plus sized woman or BBW  (big beautiful woman) I have found myself scared to approach yoga. I bought books and would watch these thinner women online doing poses and didn't think I could possibly do that. I found this awesome video on Amazon called "Heavy Weight Yoga: Yoga for the body you have today" This video really is amazing, she explains how to do a pose, shows you how to do it, then she explains ways to make the pose work for you according to your ability. She even shows how to do the moves from a seat if you are unable to get onto the floor. It just feels welcoming and peaceful. I would suggest if you are a BBW or a SSBBW or someone with mobility issues that you check out this video.

click the picture to check it out!

One item that I have found very helpful as a plus sized woman doing yoga is this 8 foot, extended stretch Yoga Strap. When I cannot hold the correct place on my body or when I cannot hold a pose for very long, the yoga strap is a tremendous help. This strap is extra long, which is awesome for larger bodies. I am using the Limm Yoga Strap pictured below (which I happened to get at a discount in exchange for my honest review on Amazon)

click the picture to check it out!

I am just feeling so much better and so much more flexible since starting Yoga. I have found that I feel less pain on the days I have a nice gentle yoga session and end with meditation. I am just learning but I love it already!

Here are a few Youtube channels for plus sized Yoga that are worth checking out!

Curvesome Yoga

Body Positive Yoga

Rainbeau Curves

I found this video INSPIRATIONAL!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Neonatal Puppy Care

I recently unexpectedly found myself caring for a neonatal puppy, which turned out not to be as easy as I thought it would be. 

Here are a few tips that I've learned along the way. I am in no way an expert and I would recommend if at all possible that you seek  professional advice.
A neonatal puppy is completely helpless. They cannot regulate their own temperature and they cannot urinate or defecate on their own. It is important to keep the puppy warm without overheating it I used a heating pad underneath a folded sheet to keep her basket warm without making her too hot. I also use a rice sock that she could snuggle with to keep her warm and makes her feel like she with near a litter mate. Make sure that you don't overheat the rice sock. And rice sock is super easy to make it is exactly as it sounds a sock full of rice that is tied in a knot at the top which you can put in the microwave to warm. Just be very careful about not overheating it. You might also want to wrap the rice sock in a cloth or a towel.

It is very important that you never feed a puppy that is chilled you must first slowly warm the puppy and when the puppy is warm then you may feed them.

We bought a can of powdered puppy milk at a local grocery store and a bottle. Make sure the water used is warm you can test it on the inside of your wrist like you would a baby bottle to make sure that it's not too hot for the puppy. It is key to get the right size hole in the nipple I use a pair of scissors to make a tiny X on the tip of the nipple. If the puppy is not swallowing and is very aggravated while feeding the whole might not be big enough make it a tiny bit bigger and try again. If the hole is too big the puppy will have milk coming out of its mouth and it may come out of its nose which is not good the puppy could aspirate the milk and it could give the puppy pneumonia. If you do notice milk coming out of the puppy's nose take the bottle away immediately wipe the milk off its face and let it sneeze the milk out. If the puppy is crying during this process it can suck on a clean finger until all of the milk has been sneezed out. You can resume feeding but you must use a new nipple. We also had some success using a cosmetic sponge that is dense and latex free such as one you would use to apply makeup. If you choose to do this there are many videos online that can show you exactly how. Also while feeding, keep the inside of the nipple filled with milk by tilting the bottle. This will keep the puppy from sucking in a bunch of air. I also Pat my puppy's back after eating, essentially burping her like you would a baby, to break up any gas bubbles.

After eating it is important that the puppy goes potty. You will need some cotton balls you can dip them in warm water and squeeze out the excess water. I like to have a little bit of toilet paper under my puppy when I do this. The mother would normally lick the puppy to stimulate urination and defecation so you use the cotton ball to simulate the mother's tongue. This should be done every time the puppy eat.
The other day our puppy became constipated. Her tummy seemed bloated, her poop was clay consistency, and she seem to be having a difficult time. She was crying and very agitated. After some research we decided to try using a little bit of warm water with a syringe and putting about a tablespoon of water into her rectum. It is important that the water is not too warm but about the same temperature as the milk that you would feed her. Make sure to use a bit of oil on the syringe so that doesn't hurt her rectum. We used a tiny bit of organic coconut oil. From many puppies degecating happens automatically but for our puppy it took a little longer. It was pretty miserable waiting for her to be able to go she was very uncomfortable but found it comforting to be patted on the back and for her tummy to be rubbed gently. I also believe that rubbing her tummy perhaps helped her to be able to go to the bathroom.

It is important to keep the puppy clean. You can use unscented baby wipes to clean up any message that might happen. It's important to use unscented so that any scents won't bother the puppy.

Puppies sleep most of the time so when you're not feeding her or helping her use the bathroom make sure you're letting her sleep comfortably. We put our puppy in a basket which has slots where we could run the cord to the heating pad out of and we lined the basket in sheets. Not only does she sleep next to a rice sock but she also find it very comforting to sleep on a small stuffed animal. We put a small clean teddy bear in her bed and she often sleeps with her head on the teddy bears arm. She will wake about every 2 hours to be fed and use the bathroom during the first couple of weeks. I found it easier to set an alarm on my phone in case I didn't hear her crying. If the puppy is not in the same room as you it may be a good idea to use a baby monitor if you have one available. If not, is it important to check on her every couple of hours. If you notice the puppy is sleeping longer and does not wake up for their feeding it's okay to wake them up and take care of them.

There are many awesome videos on youtube by breeders, veterinarians, and other professionals that work with animals that can give you more information on specific topics.

Caring for a newborn puppy is difficult and very time consuming but I think she's absolutely adorable so it's definitely worth it. I will keep you updated on her progress.

She does not have a name so if anyone has any ideas please go ahead and leave them in the comments.

If you're caring for a puppy I would love to hear about your experience. I wish you the best!!

Neonatal puppy check list:
  • Bottle
  • Formula
  • Rice sock
  • Heating pad
  • Unscented baby wipes
  • Cotton balls
  • Warm sheets, blankets or towels
  • Box or basket
  • Patience